The Dodgyologist

Monday, November 08, 2004

Feeling Sheepish?

"99 sheep. So someone's taken the time to count. Statistics are important. Taking the time to count can be a sign of love, a way of showing you care."
In no way is this the point of the parable, it would be just as valid to state: "There flock is missing one and has 99, so it should be 100. The perfect size for any church is 100 people." No, you can only say this if you are out trying to justify a decision that you had already made that "Statistics are important".
And for good measure - who is the shepherd here? Us or Jesus? Should be obvious, so why do you think you can apply things that may only be true for Jesus, to us?

The post there goes on to talk about looking for the lost, and how hard it is (somehow transferring from the right statement about "God finding us" to us doing the looking for others).

" God's KPI's are to do what God did. " So we are to create the universe? to reign sovereignly? to die for the sins of the world? Again it may be a good thing do do, but the text is being approached assuming what we should do (and, not surprisingly finiding it).

"Kindom KPI must include risk" Here we've left the passage completely and are just making things up. There is no justification for this from the passage.

It's Alive!

Well, this is my first go at blogging, and I have no idea whether or not I'll keep it going, but basically the idea is that this blog will give me somewhere that I can write about some of the worst dodgyology I run into, and why it is so dodgy. This is both so I don't just go around being critical of people (I can get it out of my system here - or will that just encourage me to have more of a critical mindset (I hopenot, bt suspect it might - I'll have to watch for it)), but also so that I can keep those things in mind so I don't make the same mistakes.

This is because I'm sure that I am also guilty of my contribution to the dodgyology out there, I certainly don't claim to be without it. I suppose that my aim is also to help me to identify the most common interpretive mistakes that people make, to help myself (and possibly others if anyone ever reads this) avoid doing the same. In any case I pray that God guides me in all I do, both here and in the rest of my life, and that He is glorified as a result of this Blog.